Dear Friends and Supporters,

In what has been such a challenging year for so many of us, I am happy to report the spirit of the holiday season still shines bright. All you had to do to see it working was to look around the lobby here at The Center for Family Justice for the last few weeks.

We have been profoundly touched by the kindness and generosity so many of you have showed to our clients, their children and CFJ during the past several weeks.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, we are excited to share that we had a record number of supporters participate in our annual Adopt-a-Family program. Because of their generosity and effort, we were able to provide a special holiday to more than 170 of our client children, their parents, and caregivers this year.

I want to also thank those of you who have supported our 2020 Annual Appeal during this season. Because of you, the work we do every day to keep our clients safe and thriving in the aftermath of domestic and sexual violence endures.

I want to personally thank every business, individual, family, the many faith groups, and community organizations which have been part of this kind and generous endeavor.  My entire team and our clients are profoundly grateful.

Speaking of the CFJ team, this has been an extraordinary year to be working with those impacted by the trauma of domestic and sexual violence and child abuse. I have spoken often since March about the many ways in which this pandemic has made life more challenging for anyone who has experienced the trauma of abuse. From being forced to shelter in place with an abuser for extended periods of time to the economic impact of this pandemic–which has caused increased economic insecurity for so many– the needs of our clients have never been greater.

I am extraordinarily proud of the many ways my staff has gone above and beyond to be there for our clients during this incredibly difficult time. I want to thank them for all the do every day to keep our clients safe and supported.

My best wishes to you and yours for a safe, healthy, and peaceful New Year,

Debra A. Greenwood, President & CEO