Youth + Young Adult Education

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Our vision is to engage children and youth in and outside the classroom about the power of prevention stopping the cycle of violence.

Our prevention curricula are designed to be implemented over the course of three sessions. Length and number of workshops vary depending on classroom periods/schedules.

We will work collaboratively with our prevention partners to tailor content and the number of sessions as needed. Here is a listing of what topics we discuss at which grade level.

Grades K-5

Body Safety

Bullying Prevention

Consent and Boundaries

Healthy Friendships

Grades 6-8

Bullying Prevention

Healthy Relationships

Grades 9-12

Healthy Relationships

Dating Violence Prevention

Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Prevention

College Students

Healthy Relationships

Intimate Partner Violence

Sexual Harassment & Sexual Violence Prevention

We also bring our programs to local college campuses so we can discuss issues pertaining to preventing sexual violence of all types as well as sexual harassment and building healthy relationships.


Campuses: Fairfield University, Housatonic Community College, Sacred Heart University and the University of Bridgeport. We also collaborate with groups like the Delta Tau Delta fraternity at Sacred Heart University –whose members have supported our public awareness events, including our Walk A Mile In Shoes in April.

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We also work closely with local high schools, such as Fairfield Ludlow High School’s leadership group Raising Abuse Awareness for Teens (RAAFT) Club, who have toured the facilities at CFJ and attended a workshop on healthy relationships and boundaries.

For more information about how YOU can get involved and spread awareness at your school or college campus, schedule sessions, please contact: Amanda Posila, Director of Education & Community Engagement, at (203) 334-6154, ext. 114 or