Civil Legal Services program

CFJ’s Civil Legal Services Program assists clients in the Bridgeport region by connecting them to the legal resources they need – family, immigration and housing  – and processing referrals to community partners for legal advice, counsel and representation. 

Sometimes individuals and families need legal help, but the expense is something they can’t afford. 

If you are impacted by abuse, and need help with getting a divorce, child custody agreement or obtaining a restraining order, call us.

The PBLC assists clients with restraining order hearings, custody, child support and divorce. Through the PBLC, clients who would have been forced to navigate the family court system on their own, without any legal expertise, are now being connected with the legal services they so desperately need.

If you need help, call us for an intake!

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About the Pro Bono Legal Center (PBLC)

In 2019, after receiving seed funding from Impact Fairfield County, CFJ launched its own internal legal services program, the Pro Bono Legal Center (PBLC). The PBLC provides free family law services to CFJ clients in the Greater Bridgeport area who cannot afford legal representation due to income constraints or financial isolation, and/or who are deemed ineligible for the services of other community partners.

Access to legal support ensures that a victim’s voice is heard, their story is told, and that they can access necessary marital assets in order to become self-sufficient and provide safe and healthy lives for themselves and their children. Our staff helps give our clients a voice and hope that there is life beyond their victimization.

The following links may be helpful in explaining the court system and your rights: