Your Help is Needed

Even through this crisis, CFJ is providing hope and healing to adults and children -- our friends and neighbors -- seeking the services they need and the healing, hope and justice they deserve.

Your gift today will help CFJ staff continue to provide these transformative services to individuals and families in crisis, and will allow us to serve the children who most need our help in breaking the inter-generational cycle of violence.

Help us continue to transform victims into survivors.

I didn’t have the safety and security of allies on my side, but the victims who call one of CFJ’s confidential hotlines or walk in asking for help do. I didn’t have a lawyer to help me seek justice against my abuser, but CFJ’s clients do. There was no support group where I could go and talk about the devastating impact of my experiences, but CFJ’s clients have that safe place to share.
~Kathy Maiolo, Chairperson, CFJ Board of Directors

We know this is a period of great uncertainty and stress, and this makes your thoughtfulness and generosity even more meaningful. Thank you for joining us as we let our clients know that Hope Starts Here.

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