Our Impact

We at CFJ not only want to keep people physically from harm, but we also want to help them achieve a life where they can be independent and thrive.

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Quantifying the impact of our work can be challenging. We share information through media interviews, community speeches, and through our social media posts, but how do we know we’re making progress?

People becoming self-sufficient as they leave abuse behind is a measure of change.

Change can also be providing an opening for challenging conversations, reflection, and advocacy for others. But what do our clients think? What do the people who receive our services feel about the way The Center for Family Justice handles their cases? We wondered the same thing, so in 2022 we initiated a survey to help us evaluate our client experience.


present and past clients surveyed said they would return to CFJ if needed.


said they would recommend our services to someone else.


of clients feel CFJ is supportive of them making their own decisions.


feel confident that CFJ is here to help them on their journey.

Making the decision to come to The Center for Family Justice is a big decision. It’s often because someone fears for their personal safety.

Many times, leaving an abusive situation means survivors must start over, with little in terms of money, or a safe place to live. In some cases, they have been brought here from another country, adding language barriers to an already challenging environment.

We have many ways to help. From free legal assistance in family court – an expense not many can afford to English-as-A-Second-Language classes to increase employment opportunities. We can also provide access to support groups and counseling services to help those struggling with trauma. We help children through our Camp HOPE-Bridgeport and Pathway to HOPE programs. All of this happens HERE!

“We offer both immediate services for those in crisis, and services where people can learn to thrive after their experience.”

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The Center for Family Justice

Proudly serving Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, & Trumbull for around 130 years.

Statistics merely confirm what many of us already know…
that domestic violence + sexual violence (including human trafficking) are serious threats to public health and safety.

Stories of Impact

Maria’s decided to come to CFJ on behalf of her child. Hear her story.

CFJ’s Evolution Through the Years

From a YWCA in 1895 to an organization that provides free and confidential services to more than 5,000 clients a year, The Center for Family Justice has been making the world a better place for those impacted by domestic violence, child abuse, and sexual assault. Become one of our Faces of Hope so we can make a difference for the next 130 and beyond.
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*Devi’s Story

A mother of two young children under 10 years old, *Devi first came to the Center of Family Justice in 2019.

An immigrant from Bangladesh, Devi was being physically, emotionally and financially-abused by her husband. Devi had gotten away and stayed in a shelter for nine months, where she learned English and found her first job. With English not being her first language and feeling culturally isolated, she decided to go back to her husband.

But the abuse didn’t stop. Often Devi’s husband would threaten to return her to her country and made threats to take the children away from her. Eventually, her husband filed for divorce against her. Devi didn’t know where else to go.

CFJ’s Pro Bono Legal Center includes two staff attorneys who help clients with issues regarding family law, including restraining orders, child custody arrangements and divorce. Many clients who come to CFJ do not have the funds to pay for an attorney on their own. Putting an attorney on retainer can cost upwards of $5,000 and much more can be added depending on the complexity of the case. Devi had an attorney provided by the Pro Bono Legal Center who assisted in working her way through divorce including through financial discovery which included information that she never had access to.

With help from CFJ, Devi was finally able to get a divorce in 2022, and a substantial settlement from the sale of the house she shared with her husband, enabling her to get a fresh start.

Devi was able to get referred to an English As A Second Language class and can now speak the language fluently. She is now a manager of a donut shop.

With help from CFJ, a resilient Devi was able to get out of an abusive relationship and was able to get the tools she needed to gain her independence and start over.

*Name of client has been changed to protect her confidentiality.