Is it Abuse?

What Does Abuse Look Like?

It isn’t the same for everyone, and it doesn’t always leave a physical mark. Abuse can be verbal, financial, emotional or physical. Abuse is about power and control, and many abusers make a victim financially dependent on them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your relationship with your partner: Does your partner…

Blame you for things you could not control, get angry and refuse to compromise?

Act jealous and question your faithfulness or humiliate and embarrass you in front of family and friends?

Hit, kick, push or physically hurt or threaten to hurt you or your loved ones in some way?

Monitors your activities and keeps you from seeing your family and friends, going to school, or doing other activities that are important to you?

Make you feel isolated or control your means of communication such as your phone and computer?

Threaten to break up with you if you refuse sex or act in a way you’re not okay with? (taking pictures, denying contraception, insisting on unprotected sex, forces sexual acts for money)?

These are only a few of the many examples on abuse. View more examples here.

Is abuse always violent and easy to identify? No.

Can I talk to CFJ about my situation? Yes, this is why we are here!

Call us any time – day or night.

CFJ is a safe place to talk about your relationship, ask questions, and learn how best to protect your family.

We are here for you to help guide and inform those who seek our help. We are not here to force you into any decisions or pressure you to take action. If you just have questions, we can answer them for you. If you want to come in, you call visit us at our office located at 753 Fairfield Avenue in Bridgeport.

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