The Center for Family Justice provides high-quality support and services to all victims and survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, human trafficking and child abuse, in the six Fairfield County towns we serve:

Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull. We also educate the community on how to break the cycle of violence by building healthy relationships, empowering communities and mobilizing bystanders to speak out about abuse and violence.

Domestic violence:

The staff at The Center for Family Justice provides crisis intervention, risk and danger assessments, individual safety plans, and individual and group counseling for those in present or past abusive relationships.

Sexual violence:

Our specially trained advocates/counselors provide trauma-informed crisis intervention, emergency counseling, support groups and advocacy for victims of sexual assault, rape, sexual harassment, human trafficking or any other type of sexual contact without consent.

Child abuse:

The staff at The Center for Family Justice provides crisis intervention, conducts forensic interviews and offers emotional support and counseling to children who are victims of sexual and domestic violence, including cases where the children viewed abuse.


Guiding you to safety: CFJ’s Advocates are counselors trained and certified specifically in the area of domestic and sexual assault. They empower and counsel victims and survivors through emotional support, safety planning, case management services, and advocacy within medical, court, child welfare and other systems of care.

Crisis hotline:

Our counselors/advocates are available 24/7 to help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. We are also here to help family, friends, neighbors or co-workers answering questions and providing information.

Safe house:

Kathie’s Place is our emergency shelter for adults and children fleeing their abusive situations. Our Crisis Counselors/Advocates offer support in a secure, nonjudgmental environment where families, individuals and children can learn to keep themselves safe, access appropriate services, and work toward an independent living situation. Hope starts here! Let CFJ become your lifeline.

Hope Starts Here!

Let The Center for Family Justice become your lifeline.

Please call us today at 203-334-6154
Or 24/7 on a hotline:

Domestic violence: 203-384-9559
Sexual assault: 203-333-2233
Vedas (Spanish): 888-568-8332

Serving victims and raising awareness about domestic and sexual violence in Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford and Trumbull in Fairfield County