Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, our 15-bed safe house, Kathie’s Place, has been at capacity. In addition to offering safe, supportive shelter to adults and children fleeing abusive relationships, CFJ has worked with a number of its domestic abuse clients to help them locate safe, secure places to live in our local communities.

Leaving an abusive relationship in the middle of a pandemic has been extremely challenging for our clients.

Three mothers currently living in our Safe House with their young children, tells us how CFJ has helped them cope:

“I had to flee here from another state with my children. I came to Connecticut because I have family here, but my abuser knew that and he found me. I was able to scare him away by telling him the police were on their way. I called CFJ’s hotline desperate for help. They placed me here at Kathie’s Place. I noticed in just a few days how much happier my children were being here.  As a mother, the best feeling in your life is knowing you are doing what’s best for your kids and seeing that difference in them.

When my kids started school it was hard for my daughter because of our language barrier. There was so much paperwork because the kids were learning remotely, but the staff even helped my daughter wither homework when they could!

Things have not been easy for me, but having the support from staff and other residents keeps me going.”

….Sabrina, Domestic Violence Survivor

I was going through a lot at home. My husband was verbally and emotionally abusive. He would apologize and promise me he wouldn’t do it again; tell me he was going to change for the better. One day, things escalated and he put his hands on me.  I no longer recognized the man who was standing in front of me. I don’t have any family here in the states. I was scared and called the hotline because I knew I needed to keep my kids and family safe, but I couldn’t do it if I was living with him.”

…..Maria, Domestic Violence Survivor 

“I am so thankful for the staff at the house. They have been there for me and the kids and welcomed me with open arms. They are there when I need to vent; need advice or just to talk, any time. They are my angels.”

….Candice, Domestic Violence Survivor








“I came to the safe house after I had to run away from my abusive husband to save my life and my daughter’s life. Being here my daughter and I are safe. I have made friends here that gave me support and made me feel stronger.

My daughter is happy to be here too. She’s made friends and I think it’s good for her to be with the other children who have experienced something similar to what we’ve gone through.

—-Maria, Domestic Violence Survivor