Signs of Abuse

Domestic violence, sexual violence and child abuse can impact anyone regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, social standing and immigration status. The signs of an abusive relationship are numerous and varied, depending on the type of abuse.

If you – or someone you know or love – are experiencing any of these signs, please call us today at 203-334-6154.  Or reach out via these 24/7 hotlines.

  • CT. Safe Connect 24/7 Domestic Violence Crisis Hotline: Text or Call 888-774-2900 or email SafeConnect@CCADV.Org. 
  • CFJ’s Non-Crisis 24/7 Domestic Violence Hotline: 203-384-9559
  • Sexual Assault: 203-333-2233

Here are some questions to ask yourself about your relationship with your partner:

Does your partner:

  • Hit, kick, push or physically hurt you in some way?
  • Threaten to hurt you, your children, your pets or family members?
  • Keep you from seeing your family and friends, going to school, or doing other activities that are important to you?
  • Make you feel isolated or control your means of communication such as your phone and computer?
  • Act jealous and question your faithfulness?
  • Humiliate or embarrass you in front of family and friends?
  • Blame you for things you could not control, get angry and refuse to compromise?
  • Stalk or harass you, such as following you or showing up at our home or office uninvited?
  • Make you feel afraid to go home?
  • Force you to have sex or insist on having unprotected sex?
  • Take advantage of you when you are drunk?
  • Deny you contraception?
  • Take sexual pictures or videos of you without your consent?
  • Force you to perform sexual acts on film or in person for money?
  • Threaten to break up with you if you refuse sex?

Is abuse always violent?

No! Abuse is about power and control, and many abusers make a victim financially dependent on them. For example:

  • Forbidding the victim to work or attend school.
  • Denying access to a vehicle or damaging the vehicle so that the victim cannot get to work.
  • Sabotaging educational opportunities by destroying class assignments.
  • Withholding money or giving an allowance.
  • Denying access to bank accounts.
  • Hiding family assets.
  • Running up debt in the victim’s name.

Additional help:

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Sexual assault: 203-333-2233
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