Legal Help

The Center for Family Justice’s Civil Legal Program seeks to connect our clients with the legal services they need to understand and navigate the sometimes complicated judicial system. While we do not currently have staff attorneys who provide these legal services directly, The Center’s Civil Legal Coordinator, Angela Schlingheyde, J.D., is able to assist clients by assessing their needs and referring them to a variety of legal resources.

These resources include:

  • A civil advocate, based at State Superior Court in Bridgeport, who is able provide direct assistance with applications for temporary restraining orders.
  • Referrals to Connecticut Legal Services to attorneys who can assist clients who meet their eligibility requirements with other legal matters.
  • A referral network of local attorneys experienced in family law and other relevant matters. These attorneys are often willing to serve clients on a pro bono or modified fee basis.

Additional help:

The following links may be helpful in explaining the court system and your rights: