Success Stories

Success at The Center for Family Justice comes in many ways. What follows are some of the inspirational stories of how some of our victims became survivors, our daily goal as we help people learn the tools needed to help themselves – and their families – become whole.

Lucky to be alive

I am a blessed parent. While we are safe and happy now, we are also lucky to be alive. I would not be alive or even safe without the help and support that I found from The Center for Family Justice.


A story of child abuse

This is a story of two siblings, brought to CFJ for the ongoing sexual abuse they endured from their cousin. Our Multidisciplinary Investigative Team conducted a forensic interview of the children. It took time and nurturing by the professionals, but finally the story unfolded.


When enough really becomes enough

When Alma first asked for help from The Center for Family Justice, her five children were ages 3 through 15.  She and her husband had been together for 14 years, and he was the father of the four younger children. Their first seven years together were wonderful: He worked, was responsible and a great father. Then he started using crack cocaine, stopped working and stole household money to satisfy his habit.


Hope Starts Here!

Let The Center for Family Justice become your lifeline.

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